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I still remember with shudder the trip to the sea last July. I was invited to my aunt to rest, take a dip in the sea, sunbathe and all that. I quickly collected things that were near at hand and rushed to meet the sun. As soon as I arrived the sun disappeared. For a long time, I thought for good. Every day rain — do not swim. I puffed, paled with anger, finally spat and the wicked and wet was on the train, heading towards the house. The train went all night, and the next morning, waking up, I saw behind the window the most real southern sun. With anger and resentment, I was ready to burst into tears. By noon, there was nothing to breathe in the car. The air smelled of sweat. My head was spinning. Suddenly, my abdomen fell sharply. Monthly! From this thought, I felt sick. They had to come only next week! I sat numb, feeling as the first drops of blood slowly flowing into the narrow strip of panties. Opposite me is an elderly couple of good-natured fatties, husband and wife.

They were breathing heavily, fanning themselves with newspapers and seemed not to pay any attention to me. Next to him was an old man who was not old, stealthily following my movements. I feverishly considered the situation. I have no hygienic means. In the bag of clothes, only two short skirts, five pieces of t-shirts, a swimsuit, a pair of panties and a bra. We must think more quickly. The blood probably already leaked through the panties and the spot on my snow-white skirt is provided to me. In addition, probably stained the seat. Red circles floated before my eyes. There was not only a lack of consciousness. You have to pull yourself together. A bloody reserved seat, where people stare at you from all sides. I tried to calm myself, telling myself that there were strangers around and I would never see them again in my life. It is necessary to rise. I took out my handkerchief and wiped my sweat on my forehead. Then imperceptibly raised her ass and quickly rubbed under her. She did not look in the pocket of her skirt and stood up abruptly. The strong pain in the pussy almost folded me in half. Tears welled up in her eyes. I felt that sticky blood flowed from my thighs. The man behind me grunted something inarticulate. Spit. I pulled my bag from above and covered it with a trot and flew to the toilet.

Figo is there! Even before the entrance to the tambour, a decent line had accumulated. When I found out who was the last, I made my way through the crowd, went out into the lobby for smokers. In the dark gloom from the cigarette smoke five people pushed. Cursing nicotine, I ripped open the door and found myself in the hitch compartment between the cars. All rumbled and shook. The window showed indifferent faces of smokers. I pulled up my skirt. Hell! All the cowards from white became red. The scraps are smeared with blood. I pulled off the swollen panties and threw them in the hole between the cars. Heck! Now not only thighs but knees, calves and hands were in the blood. I whimpered softly. Sending a stained skirt after the shorts, I stood in a rumbling flight in one T-shirt, stained to my belly with my own blood and feverishly rummaged in the bag. And of course! The door opened and a moustached uncle stepped toward me. He widened his eyes in astonishment. Yes, the sight was entertaining. The naked gutted girl looks like after a brutal rape. What happened? he stuttered. Covering his pussy with his hands, I asked him to wait a minute outside. He turned his eyes gaily and went out. I pulled the briefs out of my bag and started pushing them into the vagina. As luck would have it, I took a summer version of panties that just cover a narrow slit and they just fell through in my hole. I took them out and threw them out. Remained the last and a swimsuit. I began to tear the shirt. I tore off the torn piece and rolled it gently inward. From the vagina, three inches remained. I do not care, I pulled on my panties and a new skirt. You can go out, but I’m all soiled! I again took out a piece of tattered t-shirt and spit on it and tried to wipe the blood off. Figo! My hands dropped. Why should I stay here until the end of the trip? A sudden thought lit up me.

I squatted down, lowered my panties and, putting the rag down, began to carefully write on it, trying not to wet a homemade swab. A stiff jet struck the rag. I turned it, trying to make it all wet. When the rag was soaked enough I began to rub my feet, hands and just in case the face. Let me smell of urine, do not care, others do not smell better. I tried to look at myself in the dim light. Okay, nothing, come down. I opened the door and went out into the vestibule. The peasants gave me unequivocal grins. Finally, the toilet cleared. I flew into him and pressed the washstand. There was no water. It’s just some bloody coincidence! I once again checked my farm under my skirt. It seems that everything is fine. I went to the conductor. The water ran out, he said unconcernfully and turned his face strangely. Probably I still overdid it with rubbing, from me tangibly smelled of urine. After learning that the parking will be in about two hours, I returned to my place. Muzhik vst he gave me a vile grin. I sat down, clenching my legs and tried to calm down. My stomach ached heavily, the pussy burned with fire, I was pretty agitated. I was choking with my own stench. The neighbors grumbled and squeezed their noses. Finally the train got up at some out-of-the-way station. Parking is fifteen minutes! the conductor announced. I flew out of the car with a bullet. Two rusty stalls rustled on the brawny platform. In addition to lemonade and chocolate there was no shit. I was rattled about. The train was surrounded by a crowd of traders with pies and other food. Having bought three large bottles of sweet warm swill and a couple of pies, I returned to the car. After a quick meal, I wanted to go to the toilet to wash myself with a lemonade, but I remembered that the toilets at the stations were closed. I was very sleepy. I climbed onto the top shelf, covered myself with a sheet and put my hand in my panties. Thank God it’s dry. Just in case, I shoved another shirt in the underpants and disconnected in such a self-made diaper. I woke up from a sharp cutting pain in my stomach. The belly twisted, gases demanded outward. Pies! Here bitches, this is a curse! Barely restrained that — if not to do it, I looked down. The neighbors downstairs read the newspapers peacefully. I quickly jumped off the bed and grabbed my bag and ran to the bathroom. As always there was a line. I strained all the abdominal muscles, shifted from foot to foot, well, do not explain — the same half of the car that I urgently need to queue because right now I can just crap! Besides, I was not alone in buying pies. Ahead of me a fat woman wrinkled her face painfully and held her stomach. Feeling that I was no longer able to hold back, I took the line and squeezed into the vestibule. Surprisingly, there was no one there. I squatted and creaked with my teeth trying to squeeze my ass hard. Useless. In the belly wildly zaburlilo, anus, in addition to my will opened up and a puffy stream of a disgustingly smelling warm slime. The stove filled the stench. It’s good that there was a tank top in shorts. I snorted into a familiar hitch and feverishly took off and thrown all my rented clothes into the hole. Having thrown off my underwear, shirt, blood-soaked swab and stained my skirt, I again remained in one shirt, only this time smeared with my own shit. I had the last panties, skirt and three jerseys. It was not allowed to get any better, otherwise I would go naked out of the car. I began feverishly to wash myself with lemonade. The skin instantly became nasty sticky. But from me it began to smell like a forest berry. I inserted a new swab, pulled on my panties and skirt. You can go out. Suddenly a new attack bent me in half. I barely managed to pull my pants off. A terribly loud sound of outgoing gases shook the vestibule. Door opened. I did not notice how two men entered the smokehouse for smokers. They heard a sound and opened the door to the hitch. Look, the girl sneaks — said one to the other. Quite fucking — said another, continuing to examine me. I sat facing them and realized that they perfectly see my pussy and how a stream of diarrhea was pouring from my unfortunate task onto the floor. . . nothing could be done about it. I could not even move, my breath caught and I could not say a word. The peasants continued to examine me with interest. A pretty bitch — I appreciated one. Smelly painful — another screamed. Yes, shit — the first and also screamed. I felt unbearably ashamed. As never before in my life. Yes, her estrus — suddenly noticed a tampon in my pussy, one of the men. Hey, fuck, you want a cock sucking — asked the man and unzipped his pants took a hefty penis. I felt that I now vomited. Men, please close the door, I moaned, barely restraining the urge to vomit. Suck it off — we’ll close it — the guy said without a hitch and stepped toward me. His cock was inches from my face, it smelled of urine and still something sour and vile. I could not hold back any longer. Vomiting rushed from my throat directly to the trousers of the peasant, to my skirt and vest. Ah, you’re a sloppy mouth — a man cursed and cracked his fist over my head. Sparks flew from the eyes. I toppled into my own shit, hitting my head on the second door and bursting into a loud roar. The peasants frantically jumped out into the vestibule, slamming the door loudly. This was my last skirt. Falling, I leaned my hands on the floor and now my hands were on the elbow in a brown stinky liquid. Rushing bitter tears I hastily washed them with lemonade and took off my skirt. Hopelessly! I’ll try to wet it with lemonade and rub it. Cal was only absorbed into the tissue more strongly. From a white skirt it became dirty — brown. I had to return home in my underwear with a tart of vests sticking out of my vagina. I decided not to return to my car. I decided to go to the next one, where no one knows me, to fall at the conductor’s feet and ask for help. Opening the door, flashing my cowards, I rushed into the next car. What happiness, the next car was a compartment, the people no one and oh God, an open toilet. I fluttered into it and closed the door. There was no water here either. But there was a withered remnant. Suffering, I began to water the skirt with lemonade and rub it soap. It’s been two hours. They only knocked at the toilet a couple of times, but I was silent as a fish, rubbing my fingers in the blood with my last cover. Three times I had to distract myself, climbed on the toilet and sent into oblivion the remains of ill-fated pies. Two hours later I left the toilet in a crumpled, thoroughly damp but less clean skirt. The rest of the day I spent standing in the corridor, looking out the window, remembering and re-experiencing all the humiliations through which I had to go over this long day. Late at night, I returned sneaking into my car and went to bed. My soul was warmed by the thought that in the morning my station, where I had to transfer to the train to the house. At five o’clock in the morning I stood at the train station, shaking from the cool breeze. The morning was sunny, the mood was upbeat, all yesterday was a terrible dream. I rushed to the toilet. «Closed for repairs» — from the inscription on the toilet door, yesterday’s terror aroused on me. I do not care, I’m not locked in the stuffy can of the car now. At the station square there are a dozen two commercial stalls. When I sold the sellers from the night’s sleep I bought all the things I needed. A couple of packages of pads, heels of panties and T-shirts, jeans and two large bottles of mineral water. When purchasing, I noticed a lot of thickets of bushes aside from the station, where I directed my feet. Walking through the bushes, I found a small unbroken clearing and looked around. It was quiet. The city was still asleep, and even at the station there was almost no one. I began to undress, when suddenly the crackling of bushes behind me made me freeze in place. Hello — I heard a hoarse voice and looked back. A girl of eighteen looked at me. She was terribly dirty, disheveled hair, under the eye a hefty bruise. Uncertain colors of ragged shirt and skirt, in some suspicious spots. Will not it smoke? — stepping with dirty bare feet she approached me. It shook a lot. For three meters already I smelled the stifling smell of fumes. I do not smoke, I said. Huevo — said the girl and squatted, showing me the complete lack of underwear. She was troubled. It would be a hangover, she moaned and suddenly farted loudly. Here bitches, again, all the ass torn — without any connection, she began to tell me that she works as a cleaner at the station and her fuck all to no one’s laziness, and loaders sell it to passengers in the men’s room. Only money does not give, bastards — the girl finished and spat. Do not give the ten? she suddenly asked hopefully. Rare scum — I thought, and already wanted to send her to hell, when suddenly a crazy thought crept into my mind. Well — stand up — I asked. The girl staggered up. I once again carefully examined her. Her legs, though terribly dirty and scratched, were nevertheless of very beautiful shape. Strong calves and thighs, wide hips, slender waist. The girl has a cool figure! A lacerated jersey was pushed open by a breast two times larger than mine. Her face, though disfigured by beatings, but a big mouth with full lips was delicious. Do you want to get drunk? — as if in meditation I asked. The girl trembled. Is there? she stuttered. Let’s find — I decided and said — Only you have to do one thing for me. Of course — she did not think. What is your name? I asked. Tanya — she did not look at me with devotion. And Natasha, I sighed and took out a new tank top from the package. On dress, or else with you it’s a shame to leave people — I handed her my shirt and skirt. Tanya quickly threw off her duds. My breath caught. Wait a minute — I squeezed in a strangled voice. Tanya froze in confusion, looking at me. From the coolness of the morning, she trembled tremendously and with her trembling huge, gorgeous breasts with large, wrinkled nipples. God gave such a freeze such beauty! Yes, such tits can be sex — the city of babies feed! You have an excellent chest — I complimented her. Yes, the peasants like everyone — boastfully cut it in its own way. I was humbled. If it were only for the peasants, I thought enviously. I myself had an ugly breasts. So, two half-hanging mounds between which the third one would fit perfectly. Disparate breasts were huge brown nipples, so that looking in the mirror I saw only the nipples, always wrinkled and gloomily looking into the ground. I was terribly embarrassed by my titecs and probably therefore so reluctantly always went on sexual contact. I looked away from Tanya’s splendor and looked at her feet. Her thickly overgrown pubis probably never knew a razor. Thick hair began almost from the navel tightly closing the gap. Curls of hair were on the inside of the thighs and below. She gave the impression of a very healthy strong female, ready for fertilization. Get dressed — I said, unable to take my eyes off. She pulled on her T-shirt, flashing a thick underarm, and her chest brazenly protruded to the fabric. Another minute and her curls were hidden by my long-suffering skirt. What are you gonna drink? — I asked Tanka when we approached the stall in the square. Port, she answered, eagerly examining the batteries of bottles behind the glass. I to drank two bombs, a chocolate bar and we wandered to the old place in the bushes. Damn, and than to open it? — I thought. Come on I — Tanya snatched a bottle from me and dashing my head into her mouth skillfully tore off the cork with her teeth. I frowned. Take off my shirt — I ordered. She looked at me in an offended tone. «I thought you gave it to me.» I gave it, I gave it — I filtered through my teeth — But I still want to look at your tits. What are you, man? giggled Tanya. I’m going to break the bottle right now, «I said indifferently. Tanka scared the T-shirt away in fright. Her powerful breasts fluttered and froze in front of my nose. Beautiful — I gently ran my hand over them and squeezed them gently. Their rigid elasticity made me shudder internally. Let’s drink — Tanya pityingly reminded of herself. I poured wine on plastic cups. Tanya greedily at once poured the wine into her throat and looked at me pleadingly. «Give one more.» I did not have time to even sip. I poured her another glass, she reached for him, the nipple of her chest touched my hand. Not remembering myself, I suddenly grabbed her hard, nipple-like fingers and tightly squeezed. Tanya squealed and dropped the glass. Wine covered her breasts and skirt. What are you, you fool? she yelled. Without getting up, I banged her face. For what? she whined. Remember what you promised me? I asked. I’m not kidding, you’ll make it, I’ll spit it all and go away. It hurts, Tanya wailed tearfully. Tolerate — I quit indifferently and held out my hands to her nipples. I squeezed them hard, feeling like Tankino’s body tensed with pain. I squeezed harder. Tanya formed in half and trembled violently. A long groan sounded through his clenched teeth. Her eyes were closed, tears streamed from them, she was breathing heavily. It gave me great pleasure to see her suffer. I leaned over and began to kiss her in her slobbery mouth. I pulled her nipples, squeezed, twisted and kissed her, I felt how the rattling of her pain goes into my mouth and is lost somewhere inside of me. I enjoyed her pain. Reluctantly, I tore myself away from her. Tanya sat hunched in pain, tears flowing down her face. Drink — I handed her my glass. Tapping her teeth, she immediately drank and complained — You really are like a man, you fight, you twirl your tits. Now you’re sucking me like a man-I grinned. What are you? — Tanka stares at me with tears in my eyes — I can only fuck suck. Do not worry, my pussy is sweeter than any member — I gently stroked her hair. I poured her a glass. How much do you get paid for suction? — I asked. I do not know — Tanya said, they take all the money, I only pour wine and fuck after five. I took out two hundred rubles from the bag and handed it to Tanke. — Hold, you’ll leave your wine and your things for yourself. Agree? — Tanya silently nodded — Only teach how, and then I have never tried to lesbian. That’s what she said. I laughed and hugged her. Do not suspend, just lick it all — I leaned back and with pleasure pulled off my skirt and panties. Then I carefully took out the swab and threw it into the bushes. Do you have a period? Tanya asked in confusion. Come on, are you using pure members in your mouth? I lazily licked. Yes, all sorts — Tanya was thoughtful. Well, I’m furious — give back the money and get out. Do not be angry, Tanya surrendered. I lifted my legs and holding them with my arms I set Tanya my dirty, long-suffering ass. Oh God, what a pleasure it was when her rough tongue touched my crotch. It was like an electric shock. I moaned with pleasure. Popochku, first popochku — I groaned. Her tongue swirled in the mug of my anus. I imagined how her tongue washes away all the remnants of my yesterday’s feces, shifted her hands to her ass and spread both hemispheres at maximum. Deeper — I croaked and strained the anus, as if I was about to give a shit and felt her tongue go deep inside, cleaning the walls. Suddenly, I could not stand it and loudly farted. Tanya coughed and said offendedly: «You just pierced my mouth.» Instead of answering, I grabbed her hair and stamped her face in my vagina. Her tongue, like emery, began to clean the surface of my hole. What a pleasure it is to feel it inside of you! Her face fell into my vagina, I squeezed my legs with pleasure. Tanya jerked, gasping for breath. I released my legs, grabbed her hair and pulled her toward me. Her face was smeared with blood, a long bloody saliva hung from her bloody lips. Your blood is flowing, she whispered. But I was already furious with excitement. I jerked her over on her back and dug her kiss into her mouth. My mouth filled with her saliva with blood. I eagerly swallowed this mixture, in return filling my mouth with Tankin’s mouth. My hands ruthlessly crushed her magnificent breasts. Having lowered one hand, I grabbed her dense pubic hair and began to roughly rip his hair out of him. Tankin’s cry filled my throat. I stuck four fingers into her vagina and poked her sharp nails into her womb as a member to fuck her. After a few seconds, Tanya’s legs weakened, she began to moan softly. I looked up from her lips and turned over pussy on her face. Without taking my fingers out of her vagina, I rubbed my pussy on her lips, feeling her tongue greedily licking my crotch. In exhaustion I fell on her stomach and pressed her lips to her clitoris. From him terribly smelled urine, but I already had no time for smells. I greedily felt my lips and tongue elastic button, I began to suck it, forcibly poking tongue. Tankino’s body arched. Moving her pelvis, she searched for my clitoris tongue, simultaneously processing my tongue with my pussy. With difficulty, tearing Tankino’s vagina, I thrust a second hand into his warm, slimy womb. Now I worked with both hands. The vagina sloshed and made indecent sounds. Taking out one hand, I jerked it into Tankin’s ass. Anus instantly moved apart, to see Tanya decently worked out anal sex. The hand slipped into the warm interior and rested against the soft turd. It was necessary to give a girl a shit before sex — I thought with regret and stroked Tankino shit. I carefully took out my soiled hand and wiped it on Tanya’s thigh. In the meantime, my tongue was finishing its work, Tanya stormily finished. She mumbled through her teeth, her thighs and pussy tensed. I got a stronger tongue. She was twitching. From her erect anus appeared the head of the shit. I pressed my fingers on her crotch, helping the girl to ease. A fat, long shit slid down her ass to the ground. Tanya pressed his broad backside and gasped. A stiff urine stream struck her pussy in my mouth. Having swallowed a good portion of her urine from surprise, I turned my face away. The urine now poured onto my hair, onto her stomach and drained to the ground. Tanya did not move, she did not seem to breathe. Am I pissing myself? — her weak voice was heard. Not only — I muttered, feeling bitterness in my mouth and heartburn from her urine. I rolled over and sat down. All of Tankino’s face was covered with blood. Even a narrow streak of teeth in the mouth was red. You pissed me in the mouth — with reproach I said — and you have an ass in shit, you crap with pleasure. Tanya tiredly waved her hand — Pour more. I poured her a glass of wine. As always, she calmly drank it. I sat, admiring her beautiful, naked and dirty body. Suddenly, Tanya snored. Well, come — I thought. It was necessary to assemble. I picked up Tankin’s T-shirt and wetting it in mineral water began to rub my body. After I cleaned my feathers and pulled on my shirt, panties and jeans, I looked at Tanka for the last time. She slept carelessly, curled up. The blood on her face withered, the broad ass was smeared with shit. I stroked her chic breasts. She slept like her mistress, only her nipples wrinkled beneath my fingers. Farewell to Tanya! Farewell to the unknown whore, you gave me pleasure, let your day pass today happily and serenely. On the grass lay the money I paid Tanya. I picked them up and did not find where to put the rolled tubule and carefully put a slippery vagina in Tankino. After kissing her beautiful, with a dried bloody lip, I took the bag and went to the city. Where? In the bathhouse of course.