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Play with me: role-playing games in bed
Many sexologists recommend to revive with age a bored intimate life, playing games. Role-playing game is often accompanied by disguises, so that it would be easier to enter into this or that image.
Role-playing games are a good way to keep the sharpness of feelings and emotions, and also to realize their secret fantasies.
What determines the success of role-playing games?
— It is necessary to be relaxed and liberated. Only then you will enjoy and enjoy the role-playing games.
— Two people must participate in the process.
What not to do during role-playing games?
— Be constrained and shy. These two feelings are the enemies of role-playing games in bed. If you are very embarrassed or zaperezhivali about how ridiculously you look in this image, the game must be stopped, because you no longer get real pleasure.
— To think about plans for the future. Outside thoughts quickly destroy all desire to reincarnate and «play» in sexual games.
— Tips for a partner or partner during role-playing games. Especially if these tips relate to how to behave. Everything must be done accurately, or rather, to direct.
— Wrong reaction and behavior. Such details can embarrass the partner and spoil the mood. We need to evaluate the efforts.
— Untimely humor, like seriousness, is also unlikely to help in such an intimate affair.
What role plays are the most popular?
After the polls, the experts told about the most popular games.
— A strict teacher and a depraved schoolgirl. According to the survey results, it is these sexual images that are considered the most popular. For these images do not need special outfits, there is enough short skirt, white shirt and braids.
— Nurse and patient. The second most popular are these images. To be a helpless patient, almost every man wants to give himself into the hands of a caring, seductive and very sexual nurse.
— «Little Red Riding Hood» and «Gray Wolf». Yes, it is the heroes of this tale that inspire couples in love for role-playing games.
— Amazon and Tarzan. These partners love images for the fact that you can enjoy a half-naked body, which can be decorated with fur or real leather. Freedom, simplicity and a bit of savagery will give your relationships freshness and acuity.
Of course, you can create images for yourself, and then embody them in your role-playing games. Only your imagination and your partner will help you. Role games will make your sex even more vivid and unforgettable.