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Flowers of life
The next two days off, Sisi sat at home and wept tearfully. The damaged, thin skin of small lips burned, and small ruptures ached and itched.
Chlopocha over her battered body, Sisi made numerous lotions, baths and rubbing to heal the wounds that bother her. She then carefully worked the wounds, not missing a millimeter, then, feeling sorry for herself, she quietly sobbed, looking at the gaping holes of the vagina and anus. It was clear that to this turn she was not ready and was greatly frightened, to the new fiction of her friends. But she remembered perfectly how she ended then and, moreover, very violently ended! Despite the severe pain, he, nevertheless, was well felt by the member rending her.
Even honestly, she herself in dreams was a big, very large male member with a large, red head with a drooping translucent drop of tart juice. But about such an impossible size, what it fucked, she did not dream.
«How did they even think of doing this?» — she thought, looking at their «losses.» And yet, with horror, she remembered how she herself was catching up at home with a bottle of mineral water, what an insane pleasure she was experiencing, and she was simply scared.
Now she could not really sit or wash, she could not — it was very painful from the additional irritation of the vaginal walls. It took time to heal all of this. And the time she had to «lick» the wound was.
The stunned company, full of regular adventures, peacefully rested outside the city at the dacha of one of the guys. They were lazily chewing dates and warming their bellies by the warm stove.
— «Nishtyak, it turned out, yes?» — Cyril spat the bone in a fist and reached for the next one.
«I really liked it, I saw it!», — thoughtfully and lazily, Kostik spoke softly and thought about something, looking down at the old, wool carpet — «I, already, tired while fucked her with a vegetable marrow And she — at least something! Time after time! In — a woman! »
— «Maybe she — it’s like there … rabies of the uterus, it seems?» — tried to clarify the redhead.
«They are all so feminine! They are all so small!» — Ilya disapprovingly waved at Red Hand, — «The second is exactly the same. What — is also rabies?», He added irritably. «All of them modest, until you start fucking, as it should! Where does that come from! »
Natasha sat quietly, at a distance and, listening to their conversation, slowly ate dates, gently taking inside the long bones. The studying glance of slightly squinting eyes noticed the slightest changes and deviations in the mood and behavior of friends. She was waiting for the right moment. And the moment has come.
— «Do you want to check?» — she suddenly entered into the conversation, turning it, as always, in the right direction — «You yourself say that you were tired while you fucked this bitch! And all the same to her! Vasilin, at first, also pretended to be a modest, inexperienced, so maybe we’ll see what they are both capable of! «- she looked at everyone with a sly, but attentive glance, noticing the change of thoughts and moods in the eyes and face of the guys.
Their faces showed that they did not understand anything.
«They did not understand, fools!» She thought, «All right, I have to thoroughly chew, as always, although — stop! It’s good that they are not so smart!» — and she smiled slightly at her own thoughts.
And she said aloud: «Let them out into the arena of both, and let each other be pleased!» — she again looked around with surprised faces and added, «Let each other fuck themselves! Did not they understand that, we ?!» And then we’ll have fun! «, Then , with a sly smile, added, «It’s a pity that I will not see!»
— «Nishtyak, two swirls on the same podium! We’ll arrange lesbian competition for them! Va-u!» — Ilya fidgeted, sitting in an armchair and making dance movements with his body.
— «Ho! Nishtyak — a lesbian love teacher with her student! It must be filmed! Wow, cool!»
Kostik, as much, howled with pleasure when he presented this idea embodied.
«Natashka, you are lovely!» — he folded his fingers in a pinch and, drawing, sent her a ringing, airy kiss, showing that he was greatly impressed by her idea.
The idea really liked everyone. Have fun — so in full!
And Natasha in details described her new, exciting plan invented by her. It is only necessary that the guys work out accurately, without improvisation, which at the moment may not work as they should. Therefore, everyone decided to follow its recommendations. Who will give them advice, how best to arrange a psychological pressure for a woman, as not herself — an intelligent, insightful woman — the best connoisseur of the female soul! Because guys even thought there was no other way. This required a delicate calculation, and they completely trusted Natasha.
«So,» she began her next briefing, «It’s just that they are not forced to do it of their own free will.» So, we need a psychological moment that would work without fail! That they do not even fuck themselves! That their nerves are not on them spend!»She paused and looked around. By their surprised faces and expressions of their eyes, Natasha realized that none of them even dogI wonder how two young women, clearly oriented to the male organ, can be made to engage in lesbian love. «Moreover, one must understand that such a love is not in itself unnatural, all the ways that lead to the satisfaction of desires are completely normal, and that we must pound them,» — slowly, placing emphasis on individual words, Natasha explained the essence of things — «For this, both of them should only be slightly nudged — and everything will go» like clockwork, «I assure you!» — «And if they get worn out?» — Ilya asked quietly, listening attentively to the distinct and well-set voice of Natasha. She turned her head in his direction and said with a slight annoyance: «Remember how and on what they were broken, what are they both afraid of?» She paused for a moment, waiting for an answer. Ilya hesitated a little and did not answer right away. «Everyone in the subconscious has the same» animal «laid, which they are still afraid of, for both of them is more terrible than publicity and shame.» The teacher is most afraid that someone will find out about her connection with her students, and she will be fired for her immoral behavior with a postscript in her personal file .. Dura Vaselina is afraid of the same, moreover, that her passion will become known to her parents, and she is very afraid of you! » Natasha specifically said «her hobby». She is good, she also understood the psychology of the guys listening to her now and figured out the possible options for turning their thinking. — These two women are so carried away by sex, and group and hard, that without this will not be able to. Now they will want a more interesting sequel! And we will provide such a continuation! «- Already laughing, she finished her sentence, giving her friends time to absorb and comprehend. -» Yes, Natasha! You, as always, are right! You know better about women’s psychology, and your advice is always hitting the point! Ha! «- and quickly rubbing his hands, Kostik added,» Pieces! Your dirty asses, nishtyak, are exactly in our hands! «- he was distracted by someone’s cue and, giggling again, -» Exactly, and on the fuck too! «All together and loudly nibbled, supporting the speaker .-» There is one more «Natasha added again,» If the teacher shrinks or is shy — think about that little girl — and she will immediately have an appetite! «The guys once again approvingly cheered, remembering the first day of breaking the» cool «character. the right approach! «They, as usual, discussed some details and agreed who would do what. We had to collect both of them in one place at the same time, and the friends began to prepare, brought the camera for stunning pictures, found a free apartment, prepared everything necessary for the meeting, it took two days to prepare, and when everything was ready, they started the most important part of his plan.On the big change to Sisi came three: — «We have something interesting for you!» — Cyril declared, looking at her, this «interesting», as she already understood, was another tricky invention and frightening, and attracted its intriguing not fame. She felt somehow uneasy, scary. Their shocking fantasies went far beyond the accepted concepts. She was already getting used to the fact that their next «creativity» turned out to be a heavy sexual test for her. What will they think up this time? But in advance to inform, that this time the girl waits, they did not become. Only the place and time were reported. — «And remember: we want to have a good time, do not you dare to break the buzz! You’ll be sorry — I’m saying exactly!» — warned a specific Cyril. — And what would make up for the upper class! «The threats were serious, and so Sisi knew that it was better to obey and do everything they told her. She was very afraid of them, she hated, but at the same time she felt that dependence on this type of sex sucks like a quagmire. The usual sex already seems bleak and not interesting. The peculiarity of sexual perversion is superimposed on the unhidden psyche of a young woman by a powerful shock and has an overwhelming effect on it, subordinating the will and forming desires in the future. Familiar concepts are erased and replaced with new, altered rampant, insatiable sexual fantasy. And playing and beating in the blood and in the head of hormones, spur on a terrific sexual adventure! Sisi was excited, although it was scary, but very curious, what else did they come up with? She remembered perfectly how, despite the intense pain and fear, she nevertheless, strongly and with pleasure ended, absorbed in the sudden, amazing sensations that seized her. Well, that she would appear at the specified address at the appointed time — it was absolutely clear! Having warned the teacher, they went to the next classroom and, looking up Vaseline, rudely and tightly surrounded her. — «Missed, go, crumbs ?!» — Roughly and impudently asked Kostik. Vaseline looked at them with wide, frightened eyes and was silent. The pause dragged on and began to bore the seekers of adventures and unrestrained pleasure to the boys. Kostik looked insolently into Vaselina’s eyes and two fingers (pointand medium) slightly pulled her hair loose with a curl. Then his fingers, still carelessly, slid down on her chest and bumped against the nipple. The girl shuddered with surprise, but said nothing, only a heavy gasp of torpid hot breath. «She already wants!» Kostik laughed, turning to his friends. Everyone cackled, considering Vasilin, trembling with fear, and mentally tried on her slender, appetizing body. Their shining eyes sparkled shamelessly along her chest, buttocks and hips. They became completely unbearable and they, tightening the ring around the girl, quite actively and frankly began to paw her buttocks, crotch, thighs, climbing under the skirt and into the panties. She spun around in their ring like a doll, shuddering from touch and fearing that anyone would notice. But on the change, as usual, it’s noisy and no one noticed anything. «Well, we’ll help you!» — and he named the address and time, where today she should have come. — And look, that it has been made up and smeared super! Ordered Kostik. Vaseline’s eyes moistened, and an expression of unrestrained melancholy and confusion was represented on his face. She almost cried in her voice, but tried to hold back her wet impulses. It was scary, offensive and hopeless. She remembered perfectly what she had to do and for what. When they left, leaving her alone, she sat down at her desk and, with her head down, squeezed her hands tightly. The head was very dizzy, and for some reason it made her sick. But a striking feeling of absolute despair, like a vice, squeezed the beating heart. She closed her eyes, catching tears of tears from her eyelashes. Were looking for an apartment at one time. Although the guys came a little early to prepare for the evening. They walked nervously around the room nervously, glancing impatiently at the clock. At seven o’clock the doorbell rang. When Cyril opened the door, Sisi literally crashed into the apartment. All puffed up and something disturbed. «Irina Petrovna, a teacher of mathematics, followed me to this entrance, my lord!» She explained in a breathless voice. Cyril grunted, but said nothing. From this Sisi became, somehow uncomfortable and she, shivering, for some reason felt guilty. She was shown that she must hurry. He nodded his head at the doorway to the room. Like, live by and undress! She entered the room ineptly, and, after looking round the crowd, greeted him. Of course, no one was going to answer her, but she had to say hello. — «I hope you not only made up, but also washed yourself!» — suddenly sounded a shocking question from Kostya. Sisi was dumbfounded at the sudden insult, but did not say anything. She continued to undress under the gaze of her students. — «Of course, it was washed up!», Kirill answered for her. «Let him try not to wash himself!» He looked at her with irritation, looking over all the delights, gradually revealing a slim figure. Redhead grunted and added pepper. — «And put an enema ?! You need us today clean and cuddly! And your ass, too!» The guys cried, finding this joke appropriate and funny. The mood in them has risen. Kostik, sitting in the bucket on the couch, pushed a chair with his foot, directing him straight to Sisi. The chair approached her on the slippery floor and stopped almost immediately. «Well, lie down on that chair!» — he waited a bit and, seeing her timid movement, shouted louder — «Go up your ass!» She knelt beside a chair and lay down on his seat. It turned out a little differently than he wanted. «Ginger, bring her that chair to your knees!» — He turned to the guy sitting opposite. He got up, without wrangling, and brought from the next room a low stool. Sisi was forced to stand with his knees on the stool, and lay with his chest on the seat of the chair. It turned out quite a funny picture! Her ass was heavily raised. «This is a picture!» Vidocq, still one! — Laughing, Kostik slammed it loudly on the bulging upside down ass, — «That’s better!» The doorbell rang suddenly. All but Olga, as if on command, turned their heads to the door. One guy got up and went to open it. Sisi, standing quite frankly, cancer, did not immediately realize that in the room, in fact, gathered all who have fucked her regularly. She lifted her head and looked at the door at first, and then, sitting, pleased, to the impossibility, Kostya. — Who could it be? After all, it seems that everyone has already gathered here! She thought. Striving, to understand something, she quickly considered options for the unexpected appearance of someone. The seconds were painful and debt. She understood that if these guys let someone in, it means that they were so intentional. She shifted in her chair, not daring to move without permission. Time dragged on! But what was her amazement when a completely naked young girl came into the room, with a large inscription: «I’m a whore!» on your stomach! But Olga was even more shocked when she saw her best student, Valentina Krotova, in the room! And she, completely naked, in the company of her own students, stood upside down in the assabsolutely indecent pose! It’s impossible! Completely dumbfounded and confused, she tried to get up, but then someone’s rough and strong hand firmly pressed her by the neck to the chair, giving the opportunity to one — to examine in detail the picture of her public humiliation of her beautiful blond teacher, and the other — to feel her hopeless, quite frank humiliation before their own students. Painting — just no words! Worked clearly — without any questions and explanations! Everything is so detailed, frank and understandable! In the coming calm and numbness, it’s time for the masters of the day and the situation to reap, skillfully received laurels, and enjoy personally the «painted» picture! Mocking and satisfied smiles spread to the faces of the excited guys. Their members, reacting to the exciting impulse, began to become noticeably poured, attracting attention to themselves. Behind Vaselina appeared tall Cyril, closing her door to the door. She, utterly bewildered, stood in a daze near the threshold of the room, and, with her eyes wide with horror, looked at the picture she had opened. She could not move or say anything from such a shock. Before her, in a shameless pose, putting out an appetizing butt ass, with a well-designed anus and vagina (it was Vaseline’s determined glance at the outset determined!) Stood her strict and beautiful teacher Olga Nikolaevna! It was incredible, but she saw it with her own eyes! It seemed that the world had collapsed! Vaseline loved this beautiful and proud teacher. She thought for a long time and decided to talk with her about the situation she was in, she wanted to hear advice and get help! And suddenly it is! She was broken and, apparently, there was nothing left to do but resign herself to! Her tormentors were all-powerful! And the second, no better, was ready at this moment with shame and shame «through the earth to fail»! But everything has already happened, and they both faced a fact. Both became painfully understandable why and why they are here. «Why are you frozen?» Hearing this, Cyril grabbed Vaseline by the elbow and pushed him into the middle of the room, and, running after a few steps, stopped beside the standing cancer of Sisi, who tried to hide her face, but she did not cry again, she just did not despair, she closed her eyes and cried, she did not cry in a voice, just tears rolled out of her eyes and seeped through her lashes. It was so offensive, so painful, that she whimpered softly like a dog from impotence on Kostik got up from the couch and, coming up to the girls, leaned forward slightly. «You probably do not know,» Kostik said mockingly. «I’ll introduce you to each other! It’s Vaseline, our slut! our whores! «The girls were silent without saying a word, and there was nothing to talk about.» Now give your hand to each other, and introduce yourself! «He pushed Vaseline in the back, and came closer, reached out her hand to Sisi and said barely audibly.» Glad to meet you, whore Vaseline . — Sisi shook her hand and, overcoming the spasm in her throat, replied — I’m also happy, Sissy’s whore! — The flash flashed, capturing the historical handshake, and from the sofa there was a malicious laughter — The whores identified each other! — Maiden horror filled the whole room. His pressing energy shrouded the guys from head to foot. But from the pleasant tickling of their own superiority, they felt moral pleasure, and this was their comfort of perception of the realities of life! This situation has made them stronger and more adventurous! Impatience, literally, rolled on all the huge, heavy cloud, not allowing patiently to wait until the beauties recovered slightly from the heavy shock! The first to the girls rushed sweat from the strain Kostik. Excitement was so strong and contagious that from the side it looked like a sudden rush of insanity! He jumped from behind to froze on the spot Vaseline and instantly grabbed her with one hand on his chest, and quickly and brutally thrust another into the crotch. In a fit of impatience, he painfully squeezed his chest, and strong, sassy fingers penetrated deeper into the warm, already damp vagina! From surprise Vaselina oiknula, but intuitively slightly spread her legs, skipping daring, rough palm. When his hand touched the clitoris and massaged his movements, he could not stand it: she automatically closed her eyes and moaned softly. Kostik grinned rather broadly. This meant that the toy is ready for use! Her vagina gave a good portion of slippery juice, strongly moistened the palm of the guy. He pulled out his hand and looked at her wet surface with interest, then quickly, carelessly wiped off the towel lying next to it, then threw it away on the floor and turned back to Vaseline. «Come here!» He ordered the confused girl. And without waiting for her reaction to the order, she grabbed her shoulder and bent sharply. She obediently bent down and froze. But he did not immediately enter it. — «Put a second chair here!» Someone brought him a chair and put his back andх backs nearby. — «Not this way! Unfold, like this, «he pointed out with his hand,» I want them to look at each other when we fuck them! «The chairs stood side by side, the seats turned to each other and connected by corners (ie obliquely ). Vaseline just as bent, putting on the stool chest. The girls were facing each other! They met their eyes and, unable to endure the look of «friend in misfortune,» both of them almost closed their eyes. But it was not for long. Sharply spreading his legs Vaseline, Kostik quickly entered it and earned his hips with such speed and strength that poor Vaseline nearly fell with a chair! Mechanically, she clutched the chair with her hands and, having kicked her back, took the first procedures of an evening sexual assault. Her elastic buttocks vigorously flew upwards, giving ringing, juicy slaps spread across the room. A tight, hefty penis walked in it like a powerful piston, irritating with its vibrations, the sensitive walls of the vagina. Vaseline sensed how fast the first orgasm was approaching. She did not try to resist. Her white, thin fingers tightly clung to the seat of the chair. She moaned in time with her partner’s movements, accepting a pleasant storm of orgasms. Closing her eyes tightly and arched, she accepted this gift, whimpering with pleasure. Her face, expressing the expression of bliss, has turned pink from the rush of blood to her cheeks. All this was observed, their teacher, frozen in horror. Although in this company she has long felt an accomplice. She saw something she would not prefer to see in another situation. In her eyes, her own student was fucked by her own students! Strangely enough, but at that moment she even felt some jealousy. Yes, this is news! She did not immediately understand the sensation that suddenly, and even not so much, but still captured her consciousness. Perhaps even at a subconscious level, women are inherently jealous of all women, who are touched by those men who have ever fucked them. With this, it’s hard to do anything! THIS WAS HER MEN! But then she felt that in her own vagina came a tight, elastic trunk. She shuddered, but realized that resistance was useless, and she had to be fucked in front of this girl! And while her convulsive thoughts dangled in the confused pictures of desires and reality, she herself was «hugged» to the fullest extent! The familiar sensations of pleasant waves swept over her body, relaxing and exciting her consciousness. The body itself reached out to meet the member entering into it, and the thighs began to sit energetically on the pleasure organ. Fear has receded from her consciousness, giving the opportunity to let in waves of pleasure and lust. She relaxed, taking pleasant sexual contact. The guy nervously impatiently, twisting his lips, tore it like a «slop cat», and she blurred in the raging waves of pleasure from his rough, irrepressible strength, from his irresistible, young passion and the great desire to have her! Sisi caught the impending stormy orgasm, reflecting on his face the expression of a full buzz! At that moment, the realities of awareness of the real situation were obliterated, the populist hunger for desire and the desire for sex. For a moment she forgot that her disciple was also crucified the same way. Yes, actually, is not it all the same ?! The fact occurred before the eyes of the two women. They witnessed their humiliation, conquering their own desires and passion and the obvious pleasure in the hands of half-adult students. Sisi opened her eyes and, with a languid, lazy look, came face to face with the girls’ «swim» from the passion and pleasure. Their damp, flushed faces looked directly at each other, shaking each time from sudden, violent shocks from behind. Locks rushed about the chairs, sticking with sweaty locks to sweaty faces. They correctly assessed the state of each other and realized that in this situation they became closer and more understandable to themselves than two friends. Several times the flash flashed. The girls continued to fuck for a long time and with taste! Their moans and howls — MmmmmmAaa! Vaseline and Uaaaaaaaaaaah! Sisi, alternated between each other, causing a firework of approving exclamations. The two remaining to watch the guy, talked to each other about something, then, approached the girls in front and, unbuttoning their pants, took out from there the impressive sizes, veined members. But when the members, attached to their lips, were not immediately «swallowed» by greedy, sucking lips, they became somewhat angry and, slapping girls a few times on the cheeks, opened their mouths and chins and stuck their guns there. With their violent, sharp movements, they synchronously began to push forward, ignoring the gasping cough and moaning of women’s pleas. — «Take it, bitch! Take it! «- threatened Kirill, who was choking with passion. The girl stopped moaning and tried to take it in her mouth. A bulging ball on the cheek said that the cock did not fit in the mouth. Her teeth unpleasantly touched the head of a sensitive member, so the guy again turned it smoothly. In this position, his body went right in the throat. The girl again coughed, pressing a large object. But the member went faster and faster, accelerating in the mouth to the maximum possible speed, and burst into abundant, thick semen. Vaseline cleared her throat, swallowing sperm out of her mouth. Swallowing everything, she licked her wet lips and looked at the shaking from the orgasm, howling, Sisi. But at that moment I felt the same abundant flow pouring into her vagina. She froze, sensing his warm touch of sensitive walls, and relaxed a little. While the partners were changing, the girls managed to catch their breath. Each of them tuned for a long bashing. They both knew very well: if they fell into the hands of these tormentors, then it will take a long time! The chairs moved closer together and the girls were ordered to take each other’s chests over each other’s chests, and kiss themselves. Their lips touched each other lightly, but after a brutal shout and slaps on the back, they began to kiss each other vzasos. So they continued during sexual intercourse, mooing during orgasms, and firmly clinging to each other’s chests. It was uncomfortable and sometimes painful, but for some reason excites them more! In the whirl of movements, pain and pleasant sensations, the girls did not notice the repeated change of partners. They just felt the touch, rough, wrinkling hands and treacherous, resilient, strong limbs that bored their vagina. Poured by repeated orgasms of juices, shining streams flowed abundantly on the inner surfaces of the legs. Lifting their eyelids, they inevitably collided with each other, and noticed the blurred, tired look of «friend in misfortune». And they both understood the insidiousness of the hopeless situation. And each of them realized that the other, in the same way, something very specifically blackmailed, to which she could not resist! And now they — two obedient toys — famously appeased the desires of the grown-up schoolchildren. They were not allowed to rest, to take a breath. The race lasted several hours, exhausting the forces and taking away the remnants of common sense. After a while, both felt very painful, sonorous flip flops on the buttocks. The thin, whistling sound of the whip that fluttered in the air, burst with loud girlish cries from sudden, sharp pain. Frequent, scorching strokes of the shoulder did not let the girls even get up from the chairs. As soon as they did it — immediately an avalanche of frequent, snake-writhing leather belts fell upon them. From the corner of his eye, both noticed only that the whip consists of several woven leather braids with bundles at the ends. Each pigtail, crashing into the body, left, respectively, its red scar. And so the girls’ buttocks burned brightly, swelling in front of their eyes. But just as suddenly, as it was beginning, all these beatings stopped at once, leaving a ringing silence and burning pain on their asses. — «Well, grease your assholes!» — sounded sharply and loudly. At the feet of the girls flew a small jar with petroleum jelly. They looked at each other and looked at the view that both understand what they need to do and why. The jar was immediately uncorked and, taking a little bit of grease on the finger, well lubricated the anus. The girls did not stop looking at each other embarrassed, waiting for an unpleasant procedure. — «Well, quickly, heifers! The stench tortured! «- the sharp voice of Kostik made the girls start, -» Quickly take the pose! «The girls, hearing the command, each stood at their own chair. Immediately, a pair of guys joined them. They without preparation and unnecessary ceremonies sent their trunks into a tight anus. When the rings of the sphincter began to diverge under the pressure of hard members, the girls screamed in pain. But, of course, no one listened to them. The guys liked to fully possess these, as they put it, «cool knots» and make them do what their adapted and quite sophisticated whim would want. Pushing forward members, strongly stretching the anus, tightly slid along the walls of the rectum, threatening to rupture it with their pressure. Tightly set on the member backwards, Sisi and Vaselina could neither move nor move. The movements caused pain and discomfort. It seemed to them that something was about to break something inside of something. But gradually feeling more and more pleasant sensations, the girls began to relax and calm down. Their loud scream gradually passed into a strained groan, and the anus stretched out enough to let the members vibrating in them freely flow through. The sensations were different. They were strong and exciting, but very differently felt girl’s organisms. The first orgasms cheekily seized the body and the consciousness of girls trembling from the strain and excitement. A mighty wave of rolling sensations, like a storm wave, arose a tremendous force in all its might and dashed all the cells of the body with trembling waves with a pleasant rolling bliss and crumbled, scattered with a multitude of small sprays, bristling with bright spiky stars to each nerve cell! She howled loudly, issuing her Woaaaaaaaah! After the orgasm of Sisi, he was beaten by a large, nervous tremor. Legs shook and did not obey. She fell to the floor, slipped from a wet member, releasing the last kaor sperm directly on her back. The guy shuddered a few more times, bringing his inner balance into balance and, shaking off the last drop on her back, fell heavily on the couch. He was breathing heavily, and it was clear from all that he had put on great work! Two guys, watching this event tensely, whistled in amazement and approval. — «There is one!» — Ilya fisted his fist on the air, — «One is ready! The teacher died before! «He turned his head in the direction of Vaseline and with interest tried to determine whether she was still long before orgasm? Vaseline clung to a chair, holding on to him, so as not to fall from strong, sharp jerks. A strong kid planted her in the ass, not caring at all about her comfort. Closing her eyes, she moaned, and at the same time giving herself to her sensations filling her. A thin trickle of transparent saliva flowed reflexively from the slightly opened mouth. To the sweating forehead tightly curled curls of trimmed bangs. She then sensually wrinkled her nose, then, taking a deep breath, sighed heavily, exhaling loud loud MmmmAaaa! This is how it got them guys that, if it were not for fatigue, they would walk on it again! «Gambling bastards!» Ilya threw in, nodding his head at them. «Congenital whores!» «Precisely,» Ryzhin confirmed, sympathetically contemplating how they were whining Vaseline in the ass. — «The big man was sold out in earnest!», As Kostik himself would say to himself: «Come on, fry the bitch!» She wanted it! «, He added excitedly. His resting member began to tremble again, rising from the exciting picture. Only heavy fatigue did not allow to gather strength for the next time. In the meantime, Vaselina tensed, for a short while she fell silent, and then, breathing heavily and sharply. A groan escaped from her lips, and then a cry confirmed the general guess that she had begun to cum. She finished long and stormy! Orgasms flooded the body with a continuous stream, blocking the throat and not letting it breathe. She quickly absorbed another stream of air and again splashed a raging portion of alternate orgasms. Some energy, released by chance, came out of her with a wide stream of raging sparks. She felt them with prickly pricks in her body. But, exploding, they scattered inside abundant streams of pleasant energy. She sank and fell silent in a stream of pleasant, enveloping waves. It lasted quite a long time, hanging in a blissful peace, then gradually calmed down, fell, somewhere and only weak echoes of pleasure sucked somewhere else under the spoon and in the throat, tickling the root of the tongue. Vaseline issued the last long-drawn-out quiet moan and, limp, calmed down, collapsing to the floor next to Sisi. Both girls, without moving, without moving, lay on a thick, soft carpet. The barely noticeable breathing of their slender bodies, which trembled slightly from the exertion of the body, spoke of the fact that they were half asleep in half-forgotten. The guys, breathing heavily, pleased with themselves and with a party, rested on the couch immediately, leaning against his soft back, and lazily looked at the details of the naked girl figures lying on the floor. «The whore of Vaselin lasted 22 minutes longer than the whore of Sisi! — Officially summed up the Red — And the teacher is noticeably larger, her ass is bigger and her thighs are thicker, «Kostik noted.» Yes, she has much more tits than Vaseline’s, and her nipples twice as much. » — «She’s just young yet! They will grow up, milking will be also! «- Ilya looked approvingly at the big chest of Sisi, pressed to the floor. — «Yes, she has all the tits! It’s great to squeeze them! «- added Red, -» And pull, too! «And he painted fucking movements, moving his pelvis forward and showing his hands how he pulled her by the chest. — «Okay, stop them resting! We’ll have some fun! «- Ilya nervously fidgeted on the couch. He, clearly intended to continue a fun, fruitful party. But the tired guys looked at him sadly, obviously, not wanting to part with the sofa. They tightly fell back and relaxed, listening to the pleasure of their «exaggerated» body. Their worn out members wilted, resting after a stormy sex. — «For the time being — pass!» — The red-haired man folded his arms convincingly, making it clear that he was very tired. «Let these bitches rest!» And then the sense from them will be not enough! «, — Kostik, who was silent before, struck up, -» I agree only on a great show! «His friends understood perfectly. It’s clear that the party is not over yet. Girls peacefully slept on the floor, slowly snuffling in a dream. Both curled up, looked pretty touching, but not for these guys. They talked for a while, exchanging impressions, and told about their preferences. Each story was accompanied by loud exclamations. Kostik suddenly got up and went to a small table. Choosing from a variety of small accessories a small, skillfully woven whip, went to the peacefully sleeping girls. «The show goes on!», He grinned wryly, caressing the whip tenderly, examining each of its bends, clearly admiring it. In an instant the whip that rose up sharply whizzed through the air and lashed the sleeping girl. Vaseline uttered a loud cry of pain andfright. But in the next blow she already realized what was happening and tried to bounce off to the side. The whip of a whip on his back tore from her a lingering, plaintive cry. Waking up from the sudden loud cry of Sisi, at first did not understand what was happening, where and under what circumstances she was. But the next blow quickly helped revive her memory. Now she cried out, trying to hide from the searing strikes of the braided whip. «Do not, I beg of you! You are welcome! I’ll do whatever you want! «, She shouted, making careless promises. Kostik looked contemptuously at her from the top down, held wicker cords in a closed palm, as if caressing them, and folded his whip. He bent low over Olga and, staring straight at him, put up a whip in front of her face. — «Well look! She promised herself! Do not do it — you’ll regret it! «He straightened up sharply and looked at Vaseline, who was huddled in a corner. Her eyes, wide open with horror and pain, sparkled with some kind of incomprehensible dark shine. She, as if a beast that had been beating from fear, froze in tormenting expectation. «Come here!», Ordered Kostik in an angry voice. Even the slightest disobedience or embarrassing confusion made him out of patience, which, however, was also regarded by them as disobedience. His eyes flashed evil, threatening cruel punishment in case of refusal. The girl slowly crawled and, looking into his face, froze in horror. He looked at the frightened faces of the girls with their wide-open, timid but devoted eyes, the mongrel and showed a gesture «to the foot.» They crawled closer, looking at him from the bottom up and afraid to miss even the gesture of even a slightly bent eyebrow. He noticed this fear-striving desire to please, and he really liked to feel himself the master of the situation. He thought: «Yes, pussies, so!» But he said out loud aloud. — «And now — a strawberry! I want to see how the women are fucked! «, — he declared absolutely peremptorily. The dumb question froze in the girl’s eyes. They looked at each other briefly and again stared at him. «I, what, did not understand it ?!», he yelled, whipping the whip into the air. The girls clung to the floor, but the whip covered both of them. A short cry and groans only added to him the excitement and desire to have fun. But the girls did not dare to do lesbian love. None of them have ever tried this kind of sex. Kostik roared with rage and began to whip the girls for anything. They rushed about the floor and screamed in pain. Tears swept across his cheeks from sudden movements. «All right,» Sisi said softly, sobbing softly, «Monsieur, I will do whatever you want!» She looked at the tear-stained Vaseline and, wiping the towel from the sofa, wiped her face wet from tears. Then she wetted her face and threw away the towel. Carefully and languidly she peered into Vaselina’s eyes, quietly approached, and, covering her eyes, touched her soft maiden lips with her swollen lips. Vaseline suddenly responded to a gentle, timid kiss. For long days of torture — this was the first gentle touch. She took a deep breath, letting out of her chest a heavy, lumpy bundle of pain and resentment. Another sigh. And she stretched her lips to the soft, soft lips of Sisi, timidly opening the little mouth. Both girls themselves did not notice how their hands automatically captured the shoulders of their mistress. They sat on the floor and kissed each other gently. The guys quieted and hid, watching the mysteries of female love. Of course, they have all seen this many times on cassettes and discs, but in reality, so to speak — live — for the first time. But even, perhaps, it was not the most striking thing that struck them, but the tender affection with which they kissed each other. «It’s funny …», Ilya said quietly, watching the older and brave Sisi squeeze the Vaseline’s chest tightly. Sisi poked out the tongue and held it over her friend’s trembling lips, then gingerly penetrated her tongue and traced a sliding, snaking snake across it. A pleasant tickling sensation gave over the body its charging impulse. Vaseline tried to catch him, but did not have time. Then she tried the same way to play with the language of Sisi, and received a response. With surprise for herself, she felt that she was pleased. For a long time she felt only cruel violence and pain. And it was like a sweet, gentle dream. Then she felt that a small female hand caresses her breasts and nipples, tickles softly and pleasantly. Thin fingers ran over the nipple, pleasantly flicked slightly and nipped it. And without understanding her reaction, Vaseline, suddenly, she pressed her friend’s hand with her hand, pressing it to her breast. Sensations were strange: gentle and melodious. Like a thousand small, silver balls gently and pleasantly rolled out all over the body, caressing every cell on the way. She closed her eyes, giving herself to pleasant, tantalizing sensations. Her hands, too, lay gently on Sisi’s big, firm breasts and easily caressed, trying to make her feel good. Large nipples, like two cream, stood erect, rubbing against the palm of a friend. Vaseline took them with two fingers and squeezed a little gently. A quiet, tormenting moan flew from the half-open mouth of the teacher. Vaseline repeated and enjoyedheard a low moan. She tore her lips from the oncoming kiss and looked into the eyes of her recent teacher, now a friend. Her eyes were filled with a relaxed, languid and languid. It was clear what she liked. For some time the girls froze, looking at each other. Then Vaseline, slowly stroked the slightly convex tummy of Sisi. She, watching, followed the movements of the girl and smiled a little. But the next moment her body rushed to her mistress, and again their lips merged into a long, but already passionate kiss. Her hand, slipping on the girl’s flat belly, sank to a soft, fluffy pubis and fingers played with succulent lips, touching the swelling clitoris. This pleasant touch has visibly excite Vaseline, and she, having issued a short, squealing sound, pressed hard against her friend. They tightly entwined in a kiss, tightly embracing each other. The next moment, Sisi tore her lips, breaking a long kiss and, leaning down, kissed her tummy. She put her hands on her friend’s shoulders and quietly knocked her on the floor. Vaseline obediently lay on her back, placing her legs slightly bent at the knees. «Come on, Sisi, come on!» — Ilya’s cheerful, reassuring voice was heard. The flash of the camera flashed again. The girl, for a moment, forgetting where and among whom she is, started, but decided not to listen to the cries of the observers. She glanced briefly at the girl lying on the floor and leaned over her crotch. With her hands she quietly parted Vaseline’s legs and stared at her crotch, looking at other people’s crevices, lips and clitoris. Then she bent over and gently touched the clitoris with her tongue. The flash flashed again. Vaseline started, but remained in the same position, waiting for the continuation. «Relax,» she said softly to her friend, and again fell to the girl’s crotch. Sisi’s tongue mischievously ran over the open lips and bud of Vaseline. She arched from the sharp, but very pleasant sensations that overwhelmed her and moaned. Her hips instinctively leaned forward, towards the pleasantly vibrating tongue. The excitement grew. The next moment, Sisi sucked to the girl’s succulent lips and sipped, sucking them in her direction. Then, her mouth opened, and she released in depth as best she could, a cheeky, vibrating tongue, portraying entered into a non-member, elastic, but flexible and wriggling. Vaseline uttered a loud moan and tensed. In the next instant, she watered her mouth and cheeks with her juice, which spewed with orgasm. Her body arched a strained arc and relaxed with a deep sigh, accepting the delicate bloom spreading through her body. She fell, and for a while she lay quietly, without moving or moving. At this time, Sisi was sitting next to her and following the reaction of her student, quietly wiping her lips and cheeks. She recovered from the energy that had struck and hampered her, Vaselina, rose and moved to Sisi, in turn, dropping her onto the carpet. Now she fell with her tongue to Cissy’s crotch and boldly guided her tongue over the swollen clitoris and lips. Her slender tongue slid over the wet, wet crotch of the girl and caused her to have strong, pleasantly shaking sensations. Sisi’s body trembled with excitement, and a low moan spoke of what was very good for her. Like Sisi, Vaselina pressed her lips to her crotch and dug into the protruding clitoris, sucking and sipping it a little. The girl moaned harder, tensed and, with a cry — Wahhhhhhhhh! — Cumshot straight into the mouth of the excited Vaseline. She uttered another long, sweet moan and calmed down, relaxing and spreading her feet on the carpet. The girls were satisfied and satisfied. They shone with some other inner light. This was noticed even by the boys watching them silently. They did not understand what happened, but something has changed for sure!

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